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    この流量計は、小型、軽量で設置、計測作業が容易です。 接触面の材質は「硬質塩化ビニール」を使用し、腐蝕性ガスに対して耐腐蝕性を持っています。 また半田付けを行っていませんので半田を浸すガスでも問題ありません。 本体はアルマイト加工に耐腐蝕塗装を施し、上ケースはPBT樹脂ですぐれた耐腐蝕性を発揮します。


    This flow meter is compact, lightweight, and easy to install and use for measurements. A "hard vinyl chloride" coating is used for surfaces in contact with the gas, which gives it resistance to corrosive gases. Since no solder is used, gasses that might interact with solder can be measured without causing any problems with the flow meter. The main housing is made from anodized aluminum which has a special corrosion-resistant coating. The upper case is made of PBT resin, and it also offers excellent corrosion resistance.